Monday, August 3, 2009

Bookstore information

The campus bookstore has sent out a request asking faculty and staff to tell their students to bring printouts of their class schedules with them when they come to the bookstore to buy books. The bookstore explains the rationale really well:

"This is the only way the Bookstore Staff can make absolutely sure the correct textbooks are selected. Some students think that telling us it is the red book with the stripe on it or it is the class that is taught by the tall man with the beard is enough for the Bookstore to help them find their book."

Another issue not mentioned is that there might be several sections of a class (e.g., PSYC 1101) taught by different instructors who use different books. If you don't know exactly which section you're in, you might buy the wrong book.

You see the problem here. Take your schedule to the bookstore.