Monday, March 30, 2009

Registration Information

Registration for Summer and Fall 2009 classes will begin on Monday, March 30. Only graduating seniors can register that day; everyone else's registration dates begin later. Please check your account on RAIN to see the first dates on which you can register. In general, though, the first day of registration is based on the number of credit hours you have completed (which does not include what you're taking this semester):

Students Graduating Summer or Fall 09 March 30
Seniors (90 hours or more) April 1
Juniors (60 hours or more) April 3
Sophomores (30 hours or more) April 7
Freshmen (fewer than 30 hours) April 9

As in previous semesters, you may register yourself if you have no holds on your record. Please check on RAIN to make sure you do not have any holds. If you have an "advisor hold", that means that you need to consult with me prior to registration. However, EVERYONE is encouraged to consult with their advisor prior to registration even if it's not required. Please look at the course schedules prior to meeting with your advisor; the schedules are posted on RAIN.