Friday, February 27, 2009

Registration and the Regents Test

Registration for Summer and Fall classes will begin on Monday, March 30. Please check your record on RAIN to make sure that you don't have any holds prior to registration. If you see something called an "Advisor Hold", that means you have to meet with your advisor prior to registration. You will most likely have an Advisor Hold if you:

Have applied to graduate in spring 2009
Have between 85-105 overall earned hours
Have less than 30 overall earned hours

There may be other reasons too, but these are the most common ones.

The ONLY hold your advisor can take care of is the Advisor Hold. If you have a hold due to unpaid parking tickets, Health Center fees, missing vaccinations, or something else, you need to resolve that either through Public Safety, the Health Center, or the Cashier's Office.

Also, if you have not yet passed the Regents Test and need to sign up to take it this semester, you need to register to take it by March 11. You can register online through RAIN. If you click on the link in RAIN for viewing your academic transcript you can see which parts of the Regents Test you need to take.

The Board of Regents requires students to begin testing their first term at GSW, and they only get two attempts to pass the tests before the students are required to enroll in remedial skills classes. However, if the student misses the tests then that is considered an attempt. Please sign up for the Regents Test (and show up to take them!) as soon as possible to reduce your chances of having to take the remedial skills classes.