Friday, October 17, 2008


Registration for Spring 2009 classes will begin on Monday, October 27. The schedule of classes can be seen here. Here is who can register when:

Class for Registration Purposes Overall Earned Hours Dates of
Students Graduating Spring 09 October 27-November 14 Yes Yes
Graduates October 29-November 14 No Yes
Seniors 105 or more October 29-November 14 No Yes
Seniors 90-105 October 29-November 14 Yes Yes
Juniors 85-89 October 31-November 14 Yes Yes
Juniors 60-84 October 31-November 14 No Yes
Sophomores 30-59 November 4-November 14 No Yes
Freshmen 0-29 November 6-November 14 Yes Yes
Learning Support
December 4-5 Yes No

Class designation and number of credit hours reflect how many credits you have completed as of the start of this semester. The classes you are taking this semester do not figure in here because you have not completed them yet. If you aren't sure how many credits you have, log into RAIN and click on "Student Services and Financial Aid". From there, go to "Registration", and click on "Check Your Registration Status".

If the chart above shows that you need advisement prior to registration, or if you want to meet with your advisor for any reason, please contact your advisor to set up an appointment. You should also check your RAIN account for any other holds you might have, such as unpaid parking tickets, because these will prevent you from registering.